Indian Foreign Assets “Policy”

Foreign assets are the important strategic bases primarily used for military, informatic, logistic projects outside the parent country. The overseas bases amplify the reach of a country and boost its international influence. Most of the major world powers operate foreign bases. It has become an important factor in measuring a Nation’s military might. India too operates them and following is a list of Indian Foreign Assets.

Indian Foreign Assets
Fakhror and Paro (Military Bases)

Fakhror Air Base

The primitive string in the “Policy” to develop Indian Foreign Assets is “Fakhror Air Base”. The first Indian overseas military base. Leased by Indian Govt. form Tajikistan which was earlier a hospital compound, now houses “Migs and Mils” in its hangar. An important strategic ord in the complex (military)  geometry of India. In addition to the fact that a quick retaliation can be launched from outside the Indian territory in case of an adversary, the base is also a supplementary threat to the enemies and would effectively share the offensives on India, thus forcing the enemy to exercise additional force and resources parting in different directions. This would give Indian forces additional time to react. The asset proves to be an excellent station for transition, refueling and refurbishment. (India has invested about 10 Mn dollars in renewing and restoring the base)

Paro, Bhutan

The second Indian overseas military base is rooted in Bhutan. The neighbor is an intrinsic chip of Indian Foreign Policy. In the past no. of agreements have been forged and various mutual schemes have been realized but this latest addition has attracted foreign eyes, especially China, which sees it as a counter-measure against its up-gradation schemes along Indo-Sino border. The military is testimony to deep Indo-Bhutan relations. India sees it as an important building block in its strategy to project its power in Asia, while Bhutan sees it as an opportunity to train its young Officers at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world.

Indian Foreign Assets
Assumption Island (Seychelles)

Assumption Island

India completed its nuclear triad recently. Following this, it aims to replicate the same feat again but this time in some other aspect. Earlier IAF and INA saw their troops and equipments stationed outside the country, now Indian Navy would also enjoy the same amenity. Assumption Island formally leased by Seychelles to Indian Govt. is the third overseas military base becoming fully operational by 2017. The Indian Govt. plans to build a naval base and an air-strip on the island. Away from any potential threat and surface surveillance, the base is in the vicinity of African continent. The location is suitable for anti-piracy missions, refueling and transition activities. The base would amplify Indian Navy’s reach and its efforts to combat piracy.

Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Following the close military ties with Vietnam, India’s ISRO plans to setup a data reception and telemetry station in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. While some countries see it as a move to stir up troubles in South China Sea, India vindicated its stand by clearly stating it as a mere satellite monitoring station. The proposal to sell the deadly BrahMos missile to Vietnam cycloned the waters of South China Sea and now India’s latest plan seem to worsen the conditions further as noted by various think-tanks. India plans to link this station to another nearby station in Biak, Indonesia.

Indian Foreign Assets


The second satellite tracking station in Indonesia is another foreign asset under Indian Govt. overseas, primarily used for TTC( Telemetry, Tracking and Command) projects. Brunei TTC station, Port Louis(Mauritius), Bearslake(Russia), Svalbard(Norway) and Troll(Antarctica) are some other extensions of ISTARC headquartered at Bangalore, India.

Importance of Indian Foreign Assets

India eyes some other important locations to increase the number of its overseas assets. These assets hold immense importance in India’s regime to become a Superpower. Indian Foreign Assets are testimony to the good relations that it holds with the host countries. Moreover it also absolves the problems faced by the visiting crew, by providing them Indian assistance in host countries. Huge amounts have to paid for refueling and refurbishments at foreign ports and air bases, thus there is a need to develop such bases around the world in order to save the extra expenditures.

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