6 Top Interesting Villages of India

Villages are the most interesting places to visit in India. People often choose hill stations or other places to spend vacations but these villages are none the less.

We people don’t know much about these villages but they are quite interesting. Let’s take a look at some of these amazing villages.

Living roots bridge

 Nongriat Village(Meghalaya)

This village is perhaps best known for its living root bridge (three in number). The lifestyle in the village proves that humans and nature can dwell together. It is testimony to the fact that “human and nature” relation is no hypothesis. The impressive double-decker suspension bridge (called Jingkieng Nongriat) and other two bridges have been hand-crafted by Khasi people in Khasi hills by weaving together the aerial roots of banyan trees.



You never know whether you are in India or Myanmar. Situated on the Indian border  adjoining Myanmar the longhouse of the village-head is half in Indian territory and the half in Myanmar. We can say that head of the village dines in India but rests in Myanmar. The villagers do not care about the boundary, and travel across the border without any visa. Moreover the villagers are expert in jewelry making which are greatly admired by the tourists visiting there.

Bhangarh Fort



Considered as the most scariest and haunted village of India. Even the Archaeological Survey of India has displayed a warning sign which legally prohibits the entry before sunrise and after sunset. According to some locals Bhangarh is cursed by Guru Bhoolnath while others say that a Tantrik’s black magic turned wrong which he tried on a princess, resulting in the dreaded condition of the village.

Shani Shignapur(Maharashtra)

It is impossible to find a house with a door in this village. In modern times where people have installed so many hi-tech gadgets & equipments for the safety of their houses & spend a lot of money on all that, the people of this village believe that Shani Dev will always protect them.They believe that whosoever commits theft in the village Shani Dev punishes him. In 2001 United Commercial Bank had opened its “lock-less” branch in this village, which is only one of its kind in the entire country.


The hide & seek game played by electricity annoys everyone, the situation is same in villages as well as cities. But this village has done something which is not imaginable in a state like Bihar. After 3 decades of no electricity the people of this village have permanently curbed the electricity nuisance by establishing their own solar power plants. Now the students don’t worry about power cuts during their exams and the people are not scared of roaming in the streets after sun sets.


The village is known for its cleanliness. It is dubbed as Asia’s cleanest village. The limited use of plastic and metals contribute to the sanitation of the village. The village is one of the most beautiful places in India. One can find dustbin everywhere in the village which are not made of plastic but natural material like bamboo. In the neighborhood of the village there is a “sky-walk” from where one can see Bangladesh and a living root bridge.

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