How To Boost Confidence – 6 Tips

boost confidence
Boost Confidence – 6 Tips

“Boost Confidence”, an easy term it seems but a challenging thing on ground to occur. It demands commitment and discipline.To start lets define the term “Confidence”, a quality which qualifies the mind to take bold decisions, face adversaries, challenges and perform to the fullest capability and potential. Induced by fearlessness, confidence coupled with hard-work can overcome and surmount any challenge. In short confidence is a crucial trait of a successful personality. It is also called the expressional ability, because it is due to this quality every other quality is expressed. A confident man can express his intelligence, much effectively than the one who lacks confidence. So, after explaining the eminence of this coveted trait achieved by practice and fearlessness, here are a few tips to feel boost confident.

Boost Knowledge implies Boost Confidence

The foremost reason of fear and unconfidence is lack of knowledge. Expressions without words and words without expressions are futile. Read more and more books, interact with intelligent and wise people, take part in group discussions, be it in school, college, home or outside a town-hall, it will help broaden your database. Every person has liking for a particular subject, which could be developed into expertise with a little hard-work and concentration. the experience then, could be applied in any other field to clear apprehensions, and feel more confident. Remember knowledge is directly proportional to confidence.

Public Opinion

What If I utter something wrong in my speech ? What will the audience think about me ? These sort of presumptions tend to contract the confidence within you. I mean if you start thinking what people will think about you, then actually what else will people think about ? It is their duty to criticize you and form their opinions regarding your personality. You cannot change it, instead of worrying about this, stand firmly, stay calm, composed and finish the job in the best possible way. Rest it is theirs’ duty to react.


The mother of all traits. This single quality induces every other quality in a character. A  precursor to confidence, this single quality has the power to induce every other through confidence. Pertinence of this trait can be found in the fact that Mahatma Gandhi wrote an entire essay on fearlessness. the third step in this process is that feel the fear. Let it come near you, absorb it and add it into your retaliatory action. Repeat the process number of tomes and then you would realize that it is just a matter of routine now. Fearlessness is indispensable as it raises morale and boost confidence.

Choose The Right Pack

Choose  a group of people who are confident, competitive, and innovative, who dare to challenge the challenge. see yourself as a competitor and the deeds of the group as competition. Competition itself is a generator of variety of traits, so interacting with the best in the school, college, office, playground and everywhere else would only benefit you. And eventually when you start building your image in the group, start competing, learn from others, and share the ideas, you will feel the confidence rising within. Compny affects a man to his roots, whether it is bad or good. Good being the better of the two.

Upanishadic Philosophy – Interpretation

Solitude is the ultimate state of existence of a being. The end is in solitude, the intermediate joy and sorrow are all lived in solitude. Nobody else can live your joy or sorrow for you, neither can anybody die in place of you. It is you and only you who is “I”. It is you and your individual existence that is ultimate. Nothing before or beyond you, it starts with you and ends with you. All the fear and apprehensions are caused when you believe beyond you existence, when you doubt your existence, when you feel there is not one you but some other two. The second existence is cause of all fears. It is the linkage with the second that causes all fears and sorrows. In short firm belief in one’s own existence, upholding one’s own dignity and feeling of satisfaction with the flaws gives you confidence. To sum up, believe in your individual existence and detach everything with the feeling of respect towards the detached.

Satisfaction – The Ultimate Joy

Satisfaction is no doubt the ultimate joy. Feel satisfied with the reward and appreciations but never with the deeds. Start working outside your comfort zone. Push your limits. Feels satisfied with the resources you have. Success does not come overnight and neither confidence. Feel satisfied with your performance but always keep room for improvement. Satisfaction with the past and a burning desire to create better future will definitely boost confidence. Do everything that gives you joy. It is essential to shoot up the hormone levels, which in turn will support the physical mechanism to bolster mental mechanism to boost confidence.

Remember the best way to predict future is to create it.


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