MTX Jackhammer – The “Baap” Of All Subwoofers

MTX Jackhammer(Model -TS9924-22) is indeed a superwoofer. The “Baap” of all production subwoofers. This mammoth sub hits a peak output of 8000 watts and 4000 RMS. MTX is known to deliver quality products but this one is superfine. With its 22-inch cone, patented corner surround design, and FEA designed progressive roll spider with 10AWG integrated tinsel leads, it can handle 4000 watts of power with very low distortion(or no distortion). The cone is expanded propylene with mica filler for reduced mass and increased stiffness. 2.5” long excursion and a fascinating 20Hz-150Hz frequency response makes it unmatched. MTX Jackhammer weighs nearly 180 kilograms, with nearly 25 kg of magnet weight and is capable of displacing 653 cubic inch of volume. The digits for sensitivity, power-handling, excursion, etc are all impressive. It has all the important juices as explained in the following post Car Audio Basic Points.

The monster adds the much needed vibrations in the ride. Along-with the power it offers it also gives a sense of gratification to those who own it. The mammoth is admired in the lot, in case you face-off a rival (read subwoofer), and Jackhammer is a Mammoth . This subwooofer not only over-powers any other subwoofer but literally can destroy anything with its insane power handling capacity.

MTX Jackhammer

Even though the sensitivity is quite common (92dB) but the power handling (4000W) leaves no room for any drawback to be noticed. This superwoofer may be considered as equivalent top Bugatti Veyron, the hyper-car(former fastest production car). With this kind of huge subwoofer having such dimensions and weight one has to make so many upgrades in the ride. From a new suspension(may be) to certain major electrical upgrades such as alternators, batteries, amp etc. the cost may touch the zenith and for some it may be useless and foolish to spend such huge amount of money on car-audio but for bass enthusiasts who want to play really hard and loud it may not affect their bank balance. This is truly a superwoofer. MTX Jackhammer definitely turns heads towards your ride. Indeed a celebrity in the subwoofer class, this monster is the most badass car audio subwoofer ever made. Its rivals don’t even make near to it, or  to be precise it does not even have any rivals. Undisputedly the Numero-Uno of Subwoofers. The insane cost can even give a heart-stroke to some and excitement to others, who know what it is to own a subwoofer of that class. Sheer Luxury is the apt epitome.

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The price may vary as per shipping charges, suspension upgrades, electrical upgrades, etc. The subwoofer is built on order.

All the cost values in the table are expressed in Indian Rupee(INR).

The superwoofer may cost over 10,00,000 INR but for car audio enthusiasts and bass lovers, this price may not make any difference as owning a superwoofer is itself a totally awesome feeling. This superwoofer definitely overpowers any other subwoofer in its class.

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