LIONEL MESSI, known for his behaviour and honesty on the field has shown some kind gesture off the field this time and many are honouring him on this regard of his. The five time world no. 1 was with Argentina National team for the ongoing 2018 World Cup Qualifiers.

This was reported in the radio show called ‘No Somos Nadie’ on Metro 95.1 FM, journalist Juan Pablo disclosed this very gesture from the legend.

                                     A Champion- on and off the pitch

Lionel was waiting for the match against Brazil in Bello Horizonte when there was a knock on the door, there were three security men of Argentina National team, who were not paid there respective salary from last six months.

As revealed the AFA are going through a huge mess of financial breakdown and currently are working under the mentor ship of FIFA. Leo chose to pay the salaries of the security persons who are assigned the duty of guarding the Argentina National Players on National duty from his own pocket.

“While Mes­si was in the room await­ing the match again­st Brazil in Belo Hor­i­zon­te, he heard a knock on the door. It was about three secu­ri­ty men of the Argen­tine nation­al team. Then they said to him, ‘Leo we need to talk to you about some­thing. For about six months now, we have received any salary and now the posi­tion we are in now is a dif­fi­cult one. Since you are the cap­tain of the team and you know us very well, we are ask­ing for your help’, ” said Juan Pablo.

Leo immediately called his father and asked him to wire some money to take care them in this difficult condition.

He con­clud­ed; “Of course when Leo Messi hears of this thing I’ve dis­closed, he will not be pleased. But it doesn’t mean any­thing, a lot of good things he has done for peo­ple and doesn’t want any­one to hear about it. I only felt it’s appro­pri­ate to tell this because there’s no rea­son to hide it.”

So guys don’t you think this was a wonderful gesture from the legend to help the needy in difficult time. Do share your thoughts about it..


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