Virat Kohli is one of the biggest star of cricket in India. And his masterclass is inevitable in recent times. Only two days back, Kohli and his team thrashed England Cricket team in second test at Vizag in the under going Test Series. But this win isn’t digested by some pundits.

Some times it is good to counter by some excuses and take your attention off the loss, nut some times these excuses can cross the limit of sportsmanship.

The evidence provided by the british media
The evidence provided by the British media

There is always a fallout after a loss, conspiracies are build and many more theories are also cooked just to divert the media attention from the team. As recently Jose Mourinho blamed pitch and refs for the Man Utd loss just to keep their focus on the next match. These things are common in sports and somewhat important.

After the second test match between India and England, where India fought and won a hard contesting game by thrashing England by 246 runs. India won after 5 days of intense cricket at Vizag. The Indian Cricket team had many reasons to be happy and even more reasons for Virat Kohli. As he became the captain with highest runs scored in a match. He scored 167 in first and 81 in second inning continuing his incredible run in 2016. This was also the 14th century for the Indian Captain.

And for a team, they secured their 15th unbeaten run and maintains their top spot in test ranking. This was being celebrated until a British plaudit came and alleged Kohli of ball tampering during the first test in Rajkot.


They also showed some evidence in which Kohli was rubbing the ball and making it shine on one side. He soaked his fingers in the residue of the sweet in his mouth and used it to shine the ball from one side. This made many more plaudits to debate on this issue.

This news came just after some weeks of another ball tampering issue. When Du Plessis was caught of this incident and was punished.

Tampering of the ball is used to help the bowlers to reverse swing the ball in the air. Shine is directly proportional to the amount of reverse swing.

There are controversies and many theories are also made about players. But to make a comment on sportsmanship of a player is not accepted.

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