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Employment, considered as milestone, great achievement, an unparalleled feat in life, in recent times of intense competition. A tag that save you from a lot of criticism, fortuitous as well as intentional. So many people around you are worried about your bright future and never miss a chance to express their concerns. The transition phase inbetween learning and earning is indeed the most difficult one in entire life. Pricky suggestions and untimely appraisals of “Degree Digits” can reverse the air conditioning. In short, making you uncomfortable. Every time you hang out on the web, at a cafe or even in the examination hall (exclusions applied), you would have tackled the word “Unemployment”. A state of financial dearth, psychological and intellectual dormancy, where the mind does not contribute in a constructive regime. The mother-ship of all problems. “An unoccupied mind is home to Satan”, as they say in Hindi.

Unemployment figures are really a matter of concern. The digits published this year are all time high of past 5 years. According to a report by Labour Bureau, the unemployment rate stands at 5%, with figures significantly higher at 8.7% for women and 4.3 % for men. The dearth in jobs is primarily due to the large size of the population and partially due to ignorance of the past Governments, not to blame but criticize. The only problem was that they tried to constrict the menace instead of acting on the roots. The policies were not optimistic, hence fell flat under immense pressure. A long-term investment in manufacture and service sector coupled with a firm policy on Govt’s behalf is adequate to improve the employment rates.

Unemployment Scenario in various D-countries


The matching figures of the USA and India express the criticality of the problem. 5% unemployed population is  a serious liability to be borne. Well, the D-countries (D stands for developed) have found a way out,  Unemployment Benefits. An amount given in the form of social welfare payments, meant to support the unemployed. The D-countries to employ this method are the USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Saudi Arabia, etc, with USA providing a whooping $542 at max per week. Isn’t the USA great. But, here in India no provisions for such incentives exist. You have to fight your way up the ladder and reach the top. Ours is a purely competitive country. If extra-ordinary standards don’t, then intense competition rules here.

Solution is Employment


Each and every expert present here, there and everywhere talks only about “Unemployment”. The articles on the web make the discussion so intense and deep as if Human existence is at stake. The political analysts, social workers and opposition leaders all exhibit their concerns intensely and passionately. But, instead of focusing all the energy and resources into exaggerating the problem, why not spread awareness among the unemployed. Ignorance and unawareness induce all difficulties. If you know where to start from, you will definitely walk the walk. On the contrary, if you don’t know your starting point, the journey will not start. So, decide what you want to do. Start from a point. Climb the ladder slowly and steadily. And stop at infinity.

In the section below, I would like to suggest some incredible employment opportunities in J&K



Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneur Development Institute operates with an aim to assist the budding entrepreneur financially and technically. The institute trains its interns for a period of 30 days. The training schedule comprises of lectures on various aspects of the “Business Idea” put forth by interns. Presentation on management of resources, assistance in planning , and a couple of visits to the markets are some of the key highlights of the training schedule. The interns are acquainted with every minor detail of the “Business Idea”. Then after the period of 30 days training is over, the interns become eligible for a financial assistance of Rs. 8 lacs max under two different schemes namely, Himayat and Seed Capital Fund Scheme. The loans are granted on highly subsidized interest rates over a period of 5 years. The minimum qualification required is matric with certain additional incentives and benefits for the lady entrepreneurs. To know more visit link or the JKEDI office in your respective district headquarters or the DC’s office.


Freelancing, hmmm what is that ? Most of you would have reacted or thought in the same manner. Well to be precise a freelancer is a person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc. rather than working on a regular salary basis. The next question would be then, where to work as a freelancer ? Well freelancing primarily can be done on a website, in case of J&K, as scope everywhere else is very limited. The next question would be how ? Suppose if you are good at writing and pen down content that is unique and consummate, well, you got a job then. A major news website in Jammu recently hired content writers. So, what are you waiting for ? Get ready to earn extra bucks. The trend is fast changing with more new emerging blogs and websites.


Image Courtesy :- www.becomeawritertoday.com

Blog, a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. For your information, right now you are a visitor on blog AngryMania. Blogging is a multi-billion dollar market with no proper estimate of the number of blogs. over 60 million people have chosen WordPress alone, a content management system (CMS). It allows the user to build and edit websites without even touching a single code string. A good opportunity to earn sitting back at home with a lot of hard-work and patience. The question again pops up, how do I get started ? Let me keep it simple. To start a website, first of all you need a domain name. For example in www.angrymania.com, angrymania is the domain name. After choosing domain name, you need web-hosting, the link between your domain and Internet. The sole service-provider in J&K is Elysium Net Solution Pvt. Ltd. Visit the website for more info.


Have a passion, work for it. A chef can cook. A sports-lover can give his best to a game. Suppose you put an athlete into civil-engineering course, she may not perform her best. But if you give her a chance to prove herself at the game she loves, she would definitely try her level best. Best comes out when you are passionate. Employment in the ambit of passion is the best counter-measure to unemployment. Forced employment is one of the chief reasons of unemployment. The start is always hard. Start from scrap, and make a scrapper out of it. Never hesitate to go down. Because even the “Paani-Puri Wala” in this country can earn 50 crores, then why not you ?

At the end, I would like to suggest you, that be a job-creator instead of a job-seeker.

The best way to predict future is to create it.   


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