East Vs West – A War Of Ideologies

The “East vs West – A war of the ideologies” is a long standing issue. The scholars on both the sides are at loggerheads in deciding the supremacy of the of one over the other. Each side favoring its own ideas. Both fronts claim the origin of philosophy to be their land. Even though 14 incredibly similar theories have been found in ancient Greek and Indian texts. The Greek writers are precisely known, where as the identity of Indian authors is uncertain. Independent parallelism is one of the explanation given for the incredible similarities between the ancient East and West.

The scenario changed with the passage of time and the center of power shifted towards the West. This change could be assigned to a number of events in, around and outside the Western region. Discussing them here would be impossible. It was in the 19th century that the things started getting worse. The Western culture started seeping in. It became culture of the elites. The East was viewed as an inferior community. A region of the poor, the uncivilized. Basically pointing towards the Indian ethos, and other major eastern cultures.

West is not the only one to be blamed. They had some well wishers in the East too, who fully supported their idea without an iota of doubt and rationality.

Here are 5 such instances which prove that the West is irrational and ignorant. 

The Shakespeare of India (Shakespeare of East)

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4-5th century, somewhere in this period, Shakespeare of the East was born. Kalidas, is the author of “Malvikagnimitram”, “Abhijnanasakuntalam”, “Vikramorvarsiam” and is regarded as the greatest poet and dramatist in Sanskrit language. His works had great influence on Rabindranath Tagore and his plays inspired late 18th and early 19th century European literature. He is often referred to by the title,” The Shakespeare of India”. What? But Shakespeare’s period was 1564-1616 and that of Kalidas’s was somewhere in the 1st century AD. How is that correct? Isn’t it absurd and illogical. Same thoughts went through my mind when I analyzed the title rationally and logically. Although, Shakespeare’s work hold immense significance in English literature and that of Kalidas’s in Sanskrit, but the simple logic of referring to the old, while giving title was reversed. May be just to prove the supremacy of West or probably out of ignorance. Calling Newton, ” The Einstein of England” endorses the same analogy as calling Kalidas, “The Shakespeare of India“. But we still find the comparison in books, on web and in the minds of sycophants.

East vs West – Philosophers (Machiavelli of East)

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Chanakya was an Indian philosopher, teacher, jurist, economist. Wait, do I have to provide an introduction? Every informed girl & guy in this country knows this name. But Machiavelli, you may not have heard about. Well he was an Italian Renaissance historian, politician, writer, philosopher, and diplomat. His works were primarily based upon politics and history. Economics and governance topics find little space in his writings, to be brutally honest. On contrary, Chanakya’s Arthshastra, is a compendium of atleast 12 different subjects and that too composed in 2nd century BC, 1600 years before Machiavelli. Another discrimination from the West, which we follow blindly without going into the depth.

East vs West – Comparison of Lingua Franca (Italian of the East)

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The earliest surviving texts that can definitely be called Italian date back to 960-963 AD. On contrary, the inscriptions with Telugu words dating back to 400 BC to 100 BC have been discovered. The average gap is 1300 years. Similarity, that the words in Telugu as well as Italian end with a vowel sound does not render Telugu to be called as “The Italian of East”. Well to your surprise this is the logic behind title “The Italian of East”. The same logic that was implied in the last two analogies. Clearly illogical and absurd.

Discovery of one lingua franca through the other does not prove the discovered to be inferior.

East vs West – Indus Valley Civilization

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The discovery of Indus Valley Civilization in 1920s changed the timeline of human settlement in Indian sub-continent. A leap of incredible 2500 years back in human history was ample enough to question the source of the origin. To prove the supremacy of the West and propound their own idea of being “West”, the origin, the scholars of the west introduced the “Aryan Invasion Myth”. To strip the East off the credit of being the origin, the West propounded this baseless theory. I mean, imagine the Aryans crossing the Himalayas (as some western scholars claim) on chariots (that too with no suspensions), as if the Himalayas are Gangetic-plains. They also conquered Indus Valley Civilization, a much advanced civilization than theirs. And then, they composed the most ancient literature and thus the Sanatan Dharam came into existence. They never went back to their ancestral lands, where their fellows were still roaming naked and hunting animals. The spirit of evolution rose in the East. The texts they composed, as some of the scholars regard were based totally on the eastern beliefs and topography they described. Not even a single word about their ancestors in the West. Completely illogical and absurd again.

East vs West – A Comparison of Lifestyle

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The Western culture was considered as the culture of the elites. Every minor detail was perfect. The Eastern culture was inferior. Until 20th century came. The picture changed and East was paid some attention. The land was then considered as calm and spiritual. Be it Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine system, Kamasutra, and what not. Taboos were then highly researched and revered. The Eastern ethos became a part of the western culture. And today all of it has changed. The West even though has accepted what they earlier had considered a taboo, but are still reluctant to accept the fact. And so is the case with the sycophants here in the East. The atrocious rituals were common to both the sides, the fact that West got rid off them earlier than East, could be attributed to a no. of reasons. East India Company, Mughal invasion, are few of them to be mentioned. The liberalization was suppressed by oppression.

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