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Car Audio market is flooded with various kinds of woofers, subs, component speakers, amps, head units, but choosing the right one but affordable car audio system is important. Just as we choose the best smartphone in a particular price range(by comparing it with other phones) by the features it offer. Similar is the case with car-audio systems. People often go to the custom shops, especially in India and just install any audio-system in their cars. Blindly relying on the shop owner will eventually lead to a wrong choice. Its just like a smartphone retailer sells you a phone with 512 MB RAM but instead you wanted a smartphone with 1GB RAM.

Learn more about basics in the following article.

This indeed effects the output of the car-audio. Sometimes mismatched Amp and Sub damages the entire electrical setup of the car. People have different tastes, some love soft deep bass, some have an affection with high frequency, while some want a powerful chest thumping output, that also fits in the budget.

Here is a list of affordable car audio systems, which deliver high-end audio output and are easily available at any custom shop.

JBL GTX series

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Total = INR 19,400(approx)

Pioneer Champion Series


The Subwoofer is really a champion in the “affordable car audio systems” list. Known as the “One Man Army”, it delivers a frequency response of 20Hz-125Hz and a sensitivity level of 95dB, and an amazing high end power output of 400W/1400W(RMS/Peak). It has flexible connectivity at 2 or 8 Ohm. One can use it as a Subwoofer as well as an MFD for a powerful Subs. With cone size of 12″, this Subwoofer is an enlosure Sub. Recommended enclosure volume is 1m3.
INR 5,990+INR 1,500(enclosure price) = INR 7,490(Total Price of the Sub)
Pioneer DEH-X1790UB Head Unit = INR 6000

Total = INR 14,000(approx)


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Total = INR 21,000(approx)

Even though JBL and Sony car audio system may seem overpriced than that of Pioneer but the world knows the two(JBL & Sony) well and their quality, but Pioneer is none the less.

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