In the ongoing cross-border terror, BSF has initialized a huge operation to detect and thwart all cross-border tunnels which might have been dug by the Pakistan backed terrorists. These tunnels are dug for infiltration from Pakistan along the 198 km long International Border(IB).

This operation is being conducted by BSF in three border districts of Jammu, Samba and Kathua.

“The massive operation is being carried out using all available resources including manual, scientific and other measures through which such tunnels can be detected along the International Border from Lakhanpur to Akhnoor. The operation will take some days but it would help in detection of the tunnels,” Inspector General of BSF, Jammu Frontiers, DK Upadhyaya.

The need of this operation was felt after three terrorists infiltrated through the tunnel in the Chamliyal in Ramgarh on 29 Nov. But they were neutralized by alert BSF personnels.

“We have put our entire technology on the borders. Be it the manual techniques, scientific methods, equipment etc. We are using them on the International Border. All out efforts are being made to detect the tunnels and make them redundant well in time so that more militants didn’t manage to sneak in,” the BSF Jammu chief said.

“The work has already started. It involved lot of efforts but the BSF has taken it on war footing. It has divided the border into zones for execution of the task expeditiously. The task will be completed very soon,” they added.

The task is being in a way that the Pakistan Rangers cannot disrupt the operation. And even if they try to, they will not succeed as it is a full proof plan.

The IB is present in the plains of Jammu. Hence it becomes easy to build tunnels here rather than the LOC, which is present in the hilly areas.

Need of the hour

This is the fourth tunnel detected in these areas. First was detected in 2012 in Hiranagar-Samba area and this was the longest tunnel found ever. Second was found in 2014 and one was found in April this year only.

There had been reports that one time rat hole tunnels by Pakistani Rangers were being conducted using Chinese technology. Such tunnels, meant for one time use, can be dug within few hours through which the militants can negotiate border fencing and crawl to this side.

All three militants, who had infiltrated using this technology, were eliminated by the BSF personnel within few hours after their infiltration.

Our defence forces are working hard day and night for our safety. We solute them.

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