Etiquettes That Have Become Obsolete Now

Etiquette is a customary code of conduct in a society or among a group of people. Be it dressing, way of talking, everything you do relates to etiquettes of that activity. You cannot shout in a library that is a bad etiquette. Maintaining silence to let others concentrate is a good etiquette for a library. Etiquettes form an important part of the behavior. The codes are definitely important constituent of a program. But with the changing world, some of the most relevant codes of the past, lose their importance in the present. Unfortunately, a few and sometimes even all, still follow that obsolete trend.

Here is a list of Etiquettes that have become obsolete but are still followed by majority.

2 Piece Suit and Professionalism


And guys likes Satya Nadela, Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckenberg hardly wear suits. Don;t believe me, google it out yourself and see the images there.  

The Fork and Everything


The fork and food have a clutchy relation. Fork can hold almost anything that is pierceable. But is it relevant to eat everything with spoon and fork? The answer is a simple NO. The convenience of not dirtying your hand can never come at sake of convenience of eating . Imagine you are eating a “Parantha” with a knife and fork. You can never enjoy “Parantha” with a fork. And by the way eating with the hand is not a taboo. Check the link to know why you should eat with your hand.

Charity on the Go


Etiquette – A generous guy and gal always gives charity in monetary form.

Etiquettes and generosity are interlinked, aren’t they? Well, charity is not always explained on the recipient’s side. Especially the charity in monetary form. Charity on the go is even more dangerous. You see a small poor girl and just donate her a Rupee or two. But, if you actually want to help them, then instead of donating money, make them aware of the power of education. Make them self-reliant rather than beggars. And if you want to go a step further teach them for an hour or two. Buy them books, convince the parents to send their children to schools.

In short support education not begging.  

Feminine Etiquettes


The title is apt to say it loud,” Maari Chorriyan Kya Chorron Se Kamm Hain” (Girls are equal in ability to boys). Treat them equal, give them wings and they will fetch the stars for Nation. We cannot ignore females in our quest to emerge as a Super-power. Actually we were powerful when the women walked shoulder to shoulder with the men. And fell when the women was hid behind the “Purdah”. Barring the women from entering religious places, not giving them access to education will only serve the patriarchal interests and harm the Nation. Shackles of Feminine etiquettes need to break for creating a balance in society.

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