One day, two missions, that too by two elite organisations of the country. One achieved its target, sending their roars throughout the world. Another smoked up the mission. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launched RESOURCESAT-2A satellite from Sriharikota. Astra missile, developed by astraDefence Research and Development Authority (DRDO) exploded immediately after it  was fired from an aircraft. According to reports, it veered off the trajectory and nose-dived before causing a huge explosion on the ground

“It was a user trial of the missile by the Indian Air Force (IAF). The missile lost velocity within a few seconds after the firing, then it slipped from intended trajectory and dropped down rapidly. It latter exploded on the sea beach causing huge noise and smoke,” a source said.

Astra Effect


The impact was so high that the vibrations were felt in the town of Balasore which is 15 km from the test site.

The anti-aircraft missile, which is claimed as more advanced than the similar class of missiles of the US, Russia and France, also had failed to deliver the desired results during its developmental trials in May, 2011.

We are always and will be proud of our Organisations. These failures means that  our product is going to be the best, the improved..

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