Indian Invasion Throughout The World

India has a long glorious history stretching roughly 5000 years without an Indian invasion. From the cradle of Indus Valley Civilization, the sub-continent transformed and was unified into a large Kingdom under Emperor Ashoka. Before him several notable events had happened but they find no relevance in this text. Vedas, Puranas are some of the ancient texts that were composed over a period of 2000 years. Philosophy, cosmology, & mythology were the subjects of interest during this period. Contribution towards mathematics, political sciences, geometry, astrology, art of war, Governance, etc is appreciated even today by the scholars. Parallelism with the Greek mythology is a confusing phenomenon. Buddhism germinated in India & there on spread throughout the world. The order is not chronological, but major happenings have been appropriately mentioned.

The era of Mahajanapadas was succeeded by the christian missionaries. (Although several other significant events have been skipped but those external intrusions that changed the face of entire sub-continent are thus introduced in text). Christianity took a little while to establish properly in India. But another major religion, Islam, quickly entrenched itself in India. While there was a huge time gap between arrival of both groups, the latter saw, Indians forcefully converted under ruthless military leaders. The Mughals thus firmly ruled controlling the entire sub-continent under Akbar The Great. Fusion in culture, especially in art and music occurred during Mughal rule. After the decline of Mughals, Britishers took over. This was the period which witnessed the worst kind of exploitation. An unprecedented act of “loot”, the Britishers sucked the last drop of Indian blood. At last they left in 1947.

Why was India invaded so many times?

The desideratum of mentioning all these events and dedicating a major portion of text to it, is to seek an answer to the question, Why was India invaded so many times? What makes it an invading destination? The answer is simple. Rich natural resources, reputed intelligentsia, unmatched culture and above all, the keystone of the Asian continent. Geo-political position of India is best suited to establish an empire naturally fortified by Himalayas extending from North upto Eastern region. Adjoining sea-shore extending from Gujarat in West utpo West Bengal in West immuned the land from any sort of external aggression and sudden strike. The Eastern region is a hard terrain, while the Western front is the only vulnerable spot on the entire boundary.

Intro To The Text

India has never invaded a foreign land, while innumerable incidents of invasion on India, have been recorded. But, India too has an invasion blame. You have read it right. Indians too have invaded many foreign nations. In recent past atleast 37 reputed nations had Indian invadings. The text in the preceding lines and in lines to be read below would only express irony. Text is not intended to be taken too seriously but every word here would be sheer reality happening around the world.

Let us take a look at some of the Indian invasion around the world.

Indian Invasion In USA

1% of total population in USA is of Indian origin. 35,000 doctors, 10,000 pursuing doctor’s degree, 70% bachelor’s degree holder(25 years old and above), 40% Master’s degree holders, which is five times the national average. In political sphere the Indians have risen to the posts of Governors, envoys, Ambassadors, and even Administrators. A close aide of Trump is an Indian. An Indian household earns roughly double the amount that an American household earns. The tech-giants in USA have Indians as their CEOs. Mr. Sundar Pichai an IIT Kharagpur Alumni is one such example. Vinod Khosla is a reputed investor of Silicon Valley and the list is inexhaustible.

Indian Invasion in Canada

indian invasion

The largest population of Indians, in Canada, is of Sikhs. Constituting about 1.40% of total population(excluding other Indian communities), they had started with merely 5000 in 1907. They are the most influential group in Canada and minify every other immigrant community in terms of contribution towards the host country. Cabinet, Armed Forces and every other aspect has considerable percentage of Sikhs. Prime Minister’s cabinet has 5 turbaned Sikh MPs along with 4 women MPs belonging to the same sect. From preventing Sikhs’ entry into Canada in 1914 (Komagata Maru incident) to appointing 2 Sikh MPs in PM’s cabinet, the Sikhs have walked a long journey. There are numerous other eminent personalities in Canada. Prem Watsa, a billionaire who has controlling shares in Blackberry, Ray Sahi, the real estate tycoon, Bharat Masrani, CEO Toronto Dominion Bank, and the list is inexhaustive. Indian Diaspora’s significance in Canada is growing with every passing day.

Indian Invasion In United Kingdom

indian invasion
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The British exploited India to such an extent that we have not been able to recover from the trauma till now. But according to Newton’s 3rd law, every action has a reaction. As Britain has paid reparations to some of it’s former colonies, India is still awaiting an apology. We don’t need reparations or donations from any foreign nation especially UK, for the reason that we have already overtaken the UK in terms of GDP.

Present Situation

Indians believe in Karma(the most mis-understood word in the West). Hence, the proof of their Karmas is that today the largest steel manufacturing plant in UK is owned by an Indian. The same man owns the British multinational car manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover since 2008. The last census in 2011 recorded 1.4 million British Indians. And to your surprise the British Indians are barely 2% of total population but 12% of all doctors. The trend starts in the schools and goes upto professional level. In short, they perform better than the native population in terms of education. “The British Indians” after decades of immigration and integration are, quite simply, among the most industrious, and accomplished among us – the best of British” as a noted newspaper editorial published it. Hinduja brothers, Lakshmi Mittal and Port Talbot steel plants are apt testimonies to the aforesaid statement. To read a detailed analysis please visit the link.

Indian Invasion In UAE

indian invasion

Same is the case with UAE, where Indians form 40% of total population. Majority of them engaged in white collar jobs. Several noted millionaires such as Micky Jagtioni, Rani Pillai, Yousuf Ali, Tony Jashanmal, Chhabria family make huge profits in UAE. Gulf Medical University founded by Thumbay Moideen is an Indian contribution to higher education scenario in UAE. By 1996, at least 150 Indian companies were operational in Jebel Ali Free Zone Area(JAFZA). Read more at this link.

Interpreting Invasion

Invasion does not necessarily interpret destruction and exploitation, always. It is act of taking over the power by employing means that are moral and peaceful. Moreover, serving a new Nation, employing ethos of the native land is beneficial for the host as well as the immigrant. Invasion here has been interpreted as a phenomenon dealing with the struggle and passion of the Indians to excel in a foreign land.

As excellence is not a matter of race, but the “determination” to make it happen. 

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