Switching Patterns – Essence of Evolution

Human life evolved from Chordates (aquatic beings) to present day Homo Sapiens through millions of years. Different stages witnessed different environmental conditions, each of which posed an unprecedented challenge. Overcoming these patterns have made us what we are today. Had we declined to accept the challenge we would have remained primates. Instead facing the challenge has made us Homo Sapiens. Switching patterns, test your ability, knowledge & perseverance to exist. Determinations are tested in hard times. Complaining is an act of cowardliness. Bullets switch patterns in battlefield, and a soldier can’t complain about it. He has to either dodge it and fire back or feel it pierce through the skull.

This article aims to motivate the students of class 12th of JKBOSE, who recently protested against the board for switching pattern of examination. It provides a glance of what the world around has developed and sadly, the people of the state not been able to cope up with the developments.

Education System of Jammu & Kashmir

Education system in India is trolled severely on social media. With JKBOSE finding special mention in such posts. We compare our country’s system with that of the developed nations. The states compare it with the CBSE and in each case the inference is same – the latter one is better.

We criticize educational boards for their ineffective policies. “Rigid curriculum & obsolete syllabus are diametrically opposite to present day requirements, all this needs to be changed”, is what we discuss before seeking admission in class 11th. But, somehow, we adjust with the shortcomings and seek admission in some reputed school. The next step is – join a coaching institute/tuition centre, to understand the concepts thoroughly.

The Predetermined War

After grinding for atleast 2 years & continuously focusing on excelling in competition rather than gaining knowledge, you finally appear in class 12th board exam. Mounted on a horse, fully loaded with all weapons and being conscious of all possible threats, you fight bravely against all odds. The result is announced after a month or two and victory is obvious. Boastfully displaying your marks cars, you apply for some engineering course or opt for graduation in science otherwise. Days pass, same chain of events repeat and you emerge victorious in the battlefield of examination again – a predetermined war.

Switching Patterns of Examination

But the story was changed by JKBOSE this year. Recently the board conducted class 12th Physics examination. With changed pattern, the question booklet was presented to the students. The same intellectuals who earlier considered JKBOSE exam patter to be rigid and obsolete could not handle a minor change in the pattern. The same people who would troll the system now protested in the front of board’s office. The problem is that we want modernization but with a change. After defying logic we expect rationality. Patterns are not always static. A rigid pattern is never beneficial in the long run. Switching patters, is then only a viable option to withstand the challenges. Evolution is impossible without the concept called “Switching patterns”.

Suggestion from the Author

Presumptions will only kill you. They will never help you reach the zenith. In these days of intense competition where patterns change within seconds, how can you expect a revolution based on rigidity ? Battlefields have evolved drastically. You can no longer fight on a horse wearing an iron armour and sword in hands. In times of galactic explorations we the people of Jammu still prefer to stick with obsolete patterns of thinking. Instead of introspection we resort to demonstration. Protest is always carried against wrong acts and switching patterns in exam without intimating is not an unjust act.

Examinations are framed to test your knowledge. Knowledge is endless, you cannot assimilate the entirety but can strive to maximize it. If a piece of paper (read exam) cannot determine your future then it will definitely test your knowledge and proficiency in a certain subject. Irrespective of your liking, the knowledge & information will continue to exist and grow. May be you can choose what not to study or read but the subject you dislike will keep on expanding.

“Life is short, stop complaining & start assimilating.”

switching patterns

switching patterns

switching patterns


switching patterns

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